Best USB Headsets For Mac

USB Headsets For Mac Users

Apple compatible USB headset with microphone options offer a world of benefits to your Mac computing experience: Private music listening, thunderous gaming experiences, crystal-clear online chat and conferencing, and accurate Apple speech recognition and dictation. A great computer peripheral to invest in.

USB-A Headsets With Mic

USB Type-A (Rectangluar) plugs are sill the most common, but the more oval USB-C is taking over. Many mic headset manufacturers offer a choice when purchasing. The best offer both a 4-Pole 1/8" TRRS analog plug that goes into a USB dongle that connects via USB for use on the broadest range of devices possible.

USB-C Headsets With Mic

With Type-C USB-C and Thunderbolt ports now standard on new Macs, many users might prefer a native USB-C headset connection. Many are currently available, though you can always use a USB-A to USB-C adapter when needed.

Single-Ear USB Headsets

For work environments where you might need to interact with coworkers or handle phone calls - a single-eared headset keeps your other ear free for conversation.

Earbud Headsets For Mac

Analog TRRS and USB earbud headsets with inline microphones offer a great solution without the bulk or weight of conventional over the head computer headsets and headphones.

Gaming Headsets For Mac

For audio freaks and gaming geeks, headsets for gamers typically have large earcups and big sound drivers for thumping, realistic bass. The microphones built in help with interactive gaming communications.