Best USB Microphones For Mac

Sound Recording Microphones For Mac

Whether it's a Mac compatible microphone for singing vocals, podcasting, voice and video conferencing, dictation and speech recognition - the mic built-in to your Apple computer might be good enough, but not optimal. Here's a range of

Mac Desktop USB Microphones

For podcasting, live streaming, speech recognition, video conferencing and more an Apple compatible desktop mic

Mac Portable USB Microphones

For enhanced sound recording on the go, portable microphones for MacBooks take your audio capture to the next level.

Mac USB Headsets With Microphone

For private music and audio listening, gaming, conferencing or dictation, a Mac compatible USB or analog headset with mic is the best choice.

Mics For Microphoneless Macs

With the Mac mini, Mac Pro and Mac Studio lacking an internal microphone, an external mic headset, webcam with microphone or desktop mic is a great addition.