Best USB Speakers For Mac

USB Powered Computer Speakers For Mac

Bus powered USB computer speaker systems for home and travel are compact and affordable solutions for Mac laptop and desktop users. Getting power from your Mac's USB port, they deliver modest, but room filling audio without hogging up yet another AC outlet.

1-Piece USB Portable Speakers

Small and compact USB powered speakers for MacBook users on the go offer much higher sound fidelity than a Mac laptop's built-in speakers in a portable form factor. A few are single mono speakers, but most incorporate 2 drivers for spatial stereo audio playback.

2-Piece Stereo USB Computer Speakers

For wider stereo separation and enhanced music enjoyment, 2.0 USB speaker systems can provide a richer soundscape without worrying about yet another power cord.

USB Powered Soundbar Speakers

For under monitor placement, long and low-profile USB soundbar speakers can deliver higher fidelity playback of movies and music. These often feature dual stereo speaker drivers at each end, with an active or passive bass driver in the center for balanced sound.