Best Accessories For MacBook


With nearly three-fourths of all Macintosh computers sold being MacBook laptops, portable and mobile Apple computer peripherals are in high demand. The best Mac laptop accessory choices can meet your portable computing needs on the go - and still be useful at your home or office desktop. MacGizmoGuy's quarter-century of Apple consulting wisdom is here to help you shop for the best MacBook computer accessories and gadgets for your portable computing needs.


Interested in getting the best price on a discounted MacBook computer? Always check out MacMall for MacBook deals. You can often save hundreds on a recertified MacBook, MacBook Pro or Air with full year warranty. Smart money checks there first - cuz all new Mac systems at the Apple Store Online are always full list price. Time it right: Sometimes there's exceptional deals on recently discontinued laptops shortly after a new MacBook Pro or Air model is introduced. Also consider the value of the MacBook models with both USB 3.0 and ThunderBolt ports to provide state of the art connectivity with a long-term future.


You may be lucky enough to find an accessible Mac compatible wireless printer within range when you're on the go. But if you know you're going to need frequent printing at arms-length, a portable USB or Bluetooth MacBook printer is the way to go. Choices are simpler here because only HP and Canon really address the portable MacBook printing scene well. Here's my top HP pick.

Portable Bluetooth Mac Printer

Wireless Printing, Rechargable LiOn Battery
From HP a sleek, portable printer that features Bluetooth connectivity as standard and also has a USB 2.0 port. This great portable Hewlett-Packard printer for Mac OSX can also handle iOS iPad-iPhone-Touch printing with HP's ePrint features.


With the exception of high-end Retina MacBook Pro owners, the built-in speakers of lesser models leave much to be desired -- Namely: Adequate volume and decent frequency response. With careful shopping, you can find versatile MacBook Bluetooth speaker systems well-suited for both great audio on your desktop and on the road. A 1-piece Hands-Free Bluetooth speaker with microphone like the JamBox provides quality stereo sound for iPad or Mac - and supports handsfree call handling for iPhone users as well.

Great Bluetooth Audio For Apple Gizmos

Wireless Speaker For Home or On The Go

Your ears wouldn't regret buyig it: Jawbone's JAMBOX Handsfree Bluetooth speaker delivers pristine 2.1 audio AND call management for iPhone and Cell-Phone folk in a compact package. Yes, the rubberized, rectangular Li-On battery in the rear is also a bass transducer - it delivers amazing THUMP! you can hear -yet hold in your hand.


USB speakers deliver pure digital stereo audio and power over a single cable.

Here's a compact oblong speaker from Edifier with high quality quad drivers and a wide, omnidirectional sound field ideal MacBook Pro travel. For the ultra-compact MacBook Air 11", the smaller, slimmer GrandMax Tweaker is a great 1-piece USB powerede portable loudspeaker.

Edifier USB SoundBar

Sized Right For 11" MacBook Air


Targus 4-Port Mini Hub

Ultra-Compact USB Hub

Mac Gizmo's top pick for a tiny USB hub to throw in your laptop bag. Flexible short cable to preven stress on your MacBook port - barely the size of a pack of gum. Perfect!